L:A Bruket Scented Candle/ Scented Candle Refills

£60.00 - Black Oak (Out of stock)

£60.00 - Grapefruit (Out of stock)

£60.00 - Coriander (Out of stock)

£60.00 - Tabac

£29.00 - Black Oak Refill

£29.00 - Grapefruit Refill

£29.00 - Coriander Refill

£29.00 - Tabac Refill

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L:A Bruket scented candles are made with wax from organic soy and hand poured in Sweden. The rich scent and amber glass design brings a wonderful ambience to any room. 

Burn time 45+ hours.

The refills come with wicks and scented wax to refill your candle.

Please note refills and candles are sold separately and the candles do not come with a refill.

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